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Hello! I’m Erin, happily-married mommy to two little boys and a toddler girl and a part-time maternity, newborn, and baby photographer near Grand Rapids, MI. Aside from photography, I love reading, being outdoors, and working on crafts and home projects. I thrive from the process of creating art and am especially drawn to portraiture. I enjoy studying the features on people’s faces that make them unique, and yet have been passed down from their family trees. I was raised to value the arts and to believe I could accomplish big things, so I followed my passion through a Bachelor Degree in Studio Art and a Master in Art Therapy. My background as an artist and a therapist gives me a uniqueness as photographer in how I work with my clients and put them at ease during their session. Click here to read what my clients have to say about me.

When I began my journey as a mother, I developed an overwhelming love for all things pregnancy and baby. I truly enjoy pregnancy and view the pregnant body as incredibly beautiful. I am fascinated by the whole journey of bringing a baby into the world. It is the most profound miracle!

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My husband and me, pregnant with our oldest son.
Photo credit: Madeline Arenas of Cubrix Photography

I started Sweet Dimples Photography in October of 2013 because taking pictures has been a constant passion in my life. I have over ten years of digital photography experience, but my love of photography began around 1990, when I got my first camera- a pink Kodak 110 film camera. Maybe I was destined to become a baby photographer because even then, I used up whole rolls of film on shots of my posed Cabbage Patch Kids (Hah- True story!). I moved on to a 35mm in high school and, later, worked behind the scenes at my uncle’s suburban Chicago-based photography studio. In college, I sold cameras at an electronics store and put my earnings toward the purchase of my first DSLR. Shortly thereafter, people were commissioning me to photograph them. Since then, I’ve added lenses to my collection, upgraded my camera body a few times, and practiced the latest editing techniques, all while developing my own style.

I now specialize in studio maternity and newborn photography. I’m very passionate about what I do and would love to talk with you about your photo shoot. To get in touch with me or to begin planning your session, please click here.