Ada, Michigan Baby Photographer – Max 6 Months

If you’re looking for an Ada, Michigan baby photographer, please come see me! I had so much fun with Max at his six month shoot. I first met Max when he was here for photos at three months old, and he makes such a great baby model. I just love working with babies this age! The big, gummy smiles, bright eyes, and chubby legs are all favorites of mine. Max came in with his mommy and daddy, and he was wearing the cutest little man outfit. We got some shots of his dressed up and then changed him into a diaper cover and some hats for more photos. Take a look at some of the photos of Max at six months:

He’s already grown so much and got so much stronger since three months ago! He’s a champion sitter. It’s fun to see how he grows! Here’s a comparison of him at three months and again at six months:

comparison of 3 month and 6 month old boy in hat by ada, michigan baby photographer Sweet Dimples Photography

That same expression came through that I remember capturing during his last session. I’m excited to continue being a part of his journey when he comes back for 9 and 12 month photos later on.

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Grand Rapids Triplet Photography – The R Newborns

I entered the Grand Rapids triplet photography world the other day, when the R family came in with newborns Wyatt, Oliver, and Liam. Mom and Dad contacted me months before their due date to set up the session, and then the boys surprised everyone with an extra early arrival. Despite this, they were doing pretty well. They did have to spend a couple weeks in the hospital to grow and learn to eat, but soon, they were healthy and strong enough to go home. At the time of their photo shoot, the boys were three months old, with an adjusted age of about 8 weeks. I wasn’t sure if we would achieve sleepy poses or if instead we would get a lot of awake and alert shots, so I prepared for anything. I had an assistant, my dear friend, Melissa, join us for the shoot. As a mother of twins and fellow baby-lover, Melissa was perfect for the job.

We soaked up the cuddles and cuteness of those three little guys, and we had a great time chatting with their mom and dad. As it turns out, there were a few moments of sleepiness for the boys, but they spent much of the time watching us and even smiling! These little babies were so strong already and definitely thriving. It was great to see, and I especially enjoyed some of those very alert pictures, where they made great eye contact with me already. Take a peek at some of the photos from their shoot:


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Grand Rapids Newborn Photography – Jeffery

The morning of my newborn photography session with baby Jeffery, the road was covered in snow! It wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but November has all of us feeling like Christmas is next week. Jeffery and his momma cozied up in my warm studio, though, and he was fast asleep for the entire shoot. Some photographers will only accept newborn clients under a week old, but Jeffery was 15 days here, and our session together went really well! He was so snuggly and squishy, and I just love the little rolls already developing on his back and chubby wrists! Take a peek at some of these images from his shoot:

This is one of those sessions, where I really have a hard time picking my single favorite photo! I do love him in red, though, and it contrasts against his smooth, glowing skin. What a cute, cute little guy baby Jeffery is! Oh, how I love getting to meet and photograph so many adorable Grand Rapids newborn babies!

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Ada Twin Baby Photographer – The M Newborns

I’m starting to feel as though I’m becoming known as the Ada twin baby photographer because I’m getting tons of inquiries for newborn twins lately! Lately, I’ve also been flooded with baby boys, but, despite the rest of my month’s calendar being full of boys, this time, I had two girls here. You might remember Jenny and her family from her maternity session a couple months ago. Now, after meeting her new daughters, Ava and Alyssa, I have a few of their photos to share with you.

Twin baby photography takes extra time and patience, and sometimes the newborns like to be photographed together, while others are too easily unsettled by their sibling’s movements. In this session, the girls were happier when photographed individually, but I did manage to grab a couple shots of them both together. I always love getting those shots because it is extra adorable and special to see the two new faces side-by-side. These girls definitely resemble each other, but they are different enough that it was easy to tell them apart. Big sister also joined in, along with Mom and Dad for some family photos. Take a peek:


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Grand Rapids Twin Photography – The F Newborns

It’s been busy for me when it comes to Grand Rapids twin photography! I had my fourth set of newborn twins from around Grand Rapids in the studio the other day. Babies Pierce and Leo, along with their big brother, Gabrielle, and their parents came to the studio. The babies seemed happy both together and in separate shots. There was one pose when they fell together so naturally, and Dad told me that they were positioned within the womb in that same way. It’s always amazing to see how newborns hold onto their same positions even when they’re outside. Even though Gabrielle wasn’t quite ready to be cuddly with them yet, he did flash us his great smile for a couple picture with his new brothers. Mom and Dad had a great one of the three boys to use for their birth announcements, which turned out so cute! I also had some new baby boy outfits ready to go for this session, including two teeny, tiny little hats with matching pants! The cuteness of them wearing these was almost too much.

Even though twin sessions take extra patience and a lot of work, the pictures are worth it all. It was very clear to see that these parents love their boys so much! Usually mommas come in with that overwhelming motherly instinct for their new babies, whether they realize it yet or not, and I can see it. This daddy definitely showed the same thing with his little guys this morning! Here’s a peek at some of the photos from this session:

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